These Terms of Use determine the rules and conditions for the use of the WeFocus Platform ("Platform") at the wefocus.app link and regulate the rights and obligations of the Parties accordingly. All transactions performed by the Users on the Platform by visit and use of the Platform are subject to these Terms of Use. By accepting the Terms of Use, you have all the necessary legal permissions and requirements to use the Platform and accept the Terms of Use, if you will use the Platform on behalf of a company that you are authorized, all the necessary authorities to represent the company in question and to act on behalf of the company you declare that you have. Huawei Telekomünikasyon Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti. ("Huawei") reserves the right to change, update and renew the entire content of these Terms of Use at any time without notice. It is the users' responsibility to follow the updates on the platform. The current Terms of Use will be valid from the moment they are published on the Platform and the use of the Platform will be dependent on the current Terms of Use from that moment on. For this reason, please follow the "Terms of Use" page regularly. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, please do not use the Platform. Before starting to use the platform, read the Terms of Use carefully. In addition, by approving the Terms of Use, you declare that you are of the legal age, in a position to make binding agreements within the framework of the legal legislation, and you are authorized to take responsibilities for all conditions, obligations, confirmations, attorneys and guarantees specified in these Terms of Use and be evaluated within the framework of these Terms of Use and comply with these terms. Huawei may suspend your account or terminate your use of the Platform if you violate the Terms of Use; It can remove all the content you provide from the broadcast and / or apply for a lawsuit or legal action against you in case of violation of the law.


1. Huawei cannot be held responsible for any error, systemic slowness, and inability to use the Platform that may be caused by the device and / or internet connections used by the Platform Users. The user accepts that access to the Platform may be temporarily blocked in order to implement improvements and other changes to the Platform. 2. Loss of profit or revenue, loss of data and / or business that may arise in connection with the use or inability to use this Platform or the Platform, or relying on the content of this Platform, or its affiliates, affiliates, directors, representatives, employees or other representatives is in no way liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive and / or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, even if Huawei has been notified of the possibility of such damage in advance. 3. Huawei does not guarantee the validity, correctness and up-to-dateness of the information on the Platform. When making decisions taking into account the information contained in this Platform, users must definitely confirm the accuracy of the information. 4. ALL INFORMATION GIVEN ON THIS PLATFORM IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, WARRANTY OR COMMITMENT. HUAWEI IN THIS DOCUMENT INCLUDES THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, EXPRESS, EXPRESS, EXPRESSLY, WITHOUT EXPRESS, EXCLUSIVE, EXPRESS, EXCLUSIVE, EXPRESS, EXPRESS, EXPRESS. 5. Huawei reserves the right to remove and change the content on the Platform at any time and without any reason. 6. Huawei may prevent the use of the Platform, on the condition that it reserves the legal rights of the natural / legal person or persons who make attempts in situations that violate the obligations specified in these Terms of Use or the general rules stated on the Platform (Such as using software that will threaten the general security of the Platform, prevent the operation of the Platform and the software used, doing activities, attempting to do it, and obtaining, deleting, changing information, etc.) 7. It is forbidden to use the Platform or the content on the Platform for illegal purposes or purposes, to access any part of it using an automated mechanism such as a robot or warm, or to copy and monitor it for commercial / non-commercial purposes. 8. This Platform may contain links to third party websites, but Huawei is not responsible for any content of these websites. When using these websites, you may need to review and approve the applicable usage rules. Also, a link to any third-party website does not imply Huawei endorsement of the site or the products or services mentioned on the site.


9. In order to create a platform user account, the information in the relevant registration form must be entered completely, accurately and up to date. Huawei cannot be held responsible for any incomplete, inaccurate or outdated information entered in the registration form. 10. Where you can choose a username, (i) you may not choose or use another person's username to impersonate a person; (ii) without proper authorization, you may not choose a username subject to any rights of any person other than you; or (iii) use an offensive, vulgar, obscene or illegal username. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to revoke or deny the registration of any username that we believe violates these Terms of Use, our policies or the law. 11. After the user account has been created, the users will be able to use the Platform by logging in with their username / contact address and password and approving these Terms of Use. Users who do not have a user account can view the public parts of the Platform, but cannot perform transactions on the Platform. 12. When you create an account for your organization, you can define one or more Users on the Platform to carry out transactions on behalf of the organization. You are responsible for the management of authorized Users in your organization. 13. The responsibility of the content to be provided by the Platform Users belongs solely to the User providing the content in question (in case the User acts on behalf of an organization). In this context, it is your responsibility to make sure that the content and all necessary rights and permissions have been obtained for the use of this content in connection with the services covered by the Platform. Huawei is not responsible for any actions you take with regard to your content, the content, or any reliance on the content. 14. Huawei may be required to review the contents in order to determine whether they are legal or violate these Terms of Use (such as cases where illegal content is reported to us) and to comply with legal obligations. Also, content that we think violates the law or these Terms; It can be changed, deleted, and access / viewing of these contents can be blocked by Huawei. 15. Users cannot share comments, shares and other content in the transactions to be carried out through the Platform in the following scope: - Any objectionable or illegal content. - Content that is harmful, offensive, damaging and / or offensive to other users and / or third parties. - Threats to any person or institution. - Content that is offensive or harmful to any person. - Content that may / may disturb users in general. - Contents that are constantly shared by a single user and are irrelevant to the subject and page content. - Identical content (spam) shared by one or more users. - Advertising contents on behalf of another brand or institution. - Any comments, links and content that support and encourage illegal initiatives. - Any content that infringes the rights of any third party or institution. 16. We would like to state that you are solely responsible for any content you provide to the platform. Any User content you upload is (i) lawful; (ii) does not infringe any rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights; and (iii) you declare that you have all the necessary rights and powers to provide the content. 17. The user is directly responsible for sharing the usage rights of information such as username and password given to him or determined by himself with third persons or organizations (also for the malicious use of his password by other persons). Likewise, the User cannot use someone else's IP address, e-mail address, user name and other information in the internet environment, and cannot access or use other users' data without permission. Login details should be used by only one person; A single login is not allowed by more than one person. All kinds of legal and criminal liability that may arise from the uses mentioned here belong to the User. 18. The User accepts, declares and undertakes that he will comply with the Terms of Use and other provisions, law, morality and manners, and principles of honesty that may be published on the Platform from time to time, in all transactions he will perform on the Platform, and will not act in any way that may prevent the operation of the Platform and will not engage in acts that infringe the rights of third parties or are in danger of infringing. 19. In addition to all other terms and conditions in these Terms of Use, you must comply with the following conditions: (i) You will not transfer the use of the Services / Platform or otherwise offer it to a third party; (ii) You will not provide any services based on the Services / Platform without prior written consent; (iii) We will not post links to third-party sites or share their logos, company names, etc. you will not use it; (iv) You will not publish / share any personal or confidential information of any person or organization without permission from that person or organization; (v) You will not use the Services in any way that may damage, disable, overload, disrupt or damage any server, network, computer system, resource of Huawei. 20. It is forbidden to perform the following transactions within the scope of access and use of the Platform: - Using the Platform for any fraudulent or otherwise unfair or illegal purpose. - Continuing to use the Platform for any reason without the authority to use the Platform - Trying to gain unauthorized access to the platform. - Performing vulnerability or similar tests for the platform. - Collecting or trying to collect information about other users of the platform. - Interfering with or disrupting the operation of the Platform or the servers or networks used to make the Platform available, including hacking or tampering with any part of the Platform, or violating any requirement, procedure or policy of such servers / networks. - Restricting or preventing another person from using the Platform. - Reproducing, modifying, adapting, creating derivative works, selling, renting, lending or otherwise using any part (or any use) of the Platform without the authorization of Huawei. - Reverse engineering, decompiling or disassembling any part of the platform. - Acting contrary to any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights. - Using the Platform (s) to develop a product or service that serves the same or similar purpose or otherwise competes with the Platform. Users are responsible for the provision, maintenance and payment of all hardware, telecommunications and other services required for using the Platform.


21. Content you will provide through the Platform: You reserve the intellectual property rights of the content you provide to us or the Platform, except for the limited rights that enable us to provide services to you through the Platform. In other words, you own content and the rights to the relevant content, but we must obtain certain permissions from you to ensure that our processing, maintenance, storage, reproduction, backup, distribution, and related processing of your content does not violate copyright and other laws. Therefore, you grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, transferable and irrevocable license to use, reproduce and display your content to provide services to you through the Platform. 22. Contents of Huawei: All proprietary or unregistered intellectual property rights such as title, business name, brand, patent, logo, design, information and method on this Platform belong to Huawei, the platform operator and owner, and It is protected under international law. Visiting or using this Platform does not give any rights to the intellectual property rights in question. 23. The information on the platform cannot be reproduced, published, copied, presented and / or transferred in any way. The whole or part of the Platform cannot be used on another website / medium without permission or against the rules specified here. 24. It is forbidden to use the platform's design, source codes, interface, content, database exactly, by modification or differentiation, partially or completely.


25. As a result of activities such as using the Platform, visiting, creating a user account, personal data related to real persons can be processed. For detailed information regarding the processing of your personal data, please review the Privacy Notice. 26. Personal data of our customers' employees are processed within the scope of activities such as sending surveys to their employees through the platform and analyzing survey responses. In case the user acts on behalf of an organization, the relevant organization will be considered as the "data controller" in terms of processing the personal data of its employees, and within this scope, it will fulfill all its legal obligations, especially the obligations of clarification arising from the Law on Protection of Personal Data No.6698 and obtaining explicit consent when legally required.


27. Istanbul (Central) Courts and Execution Offices are authorized to resolve disputes that may arise from the implementation of these Terms of Use. 28. All notifications to be sent to the relevant parties in these Terms of Use will be made through the users' e-mail address / addresses with Huawei.