Better Engaged Workforce
WeFocus is a measurement platform, that uses academically proven surveys for realtime score calculation for companies
Academically Proven Question Pool
  • 4 readily available surveys to operate
  • Optional feedback collection for each question
  • Detailed evaluation data of 14 sub-drivers in total
  • Question based calculation score data
Automated Survey Engine
  • Easily create your own engagement survey in the platform with the available question pool
  • Schedule surveys based on your need biweekly, monthly, quaterly, annually
  • Easily customize and save your questions to use them later
Result-Driven Insights
  • Empower your leaders with real-time data
  • Visualized data pointing out the current health of your culture
  • Break down the data to departments, segments, regions, individuals
AI-Powered Action Plans
  • Get your suggested action plans based on the segmented score data
  • Collect and get all the feedback data analyzed by saving time on the reading process
  • Filter the analyzed feedback according to the positivity, negativity, department and the engagement drivers